The Global Agricultural Trial Repository and Database
A multi site agricultural trial database and file repository for climate change analysis

For decades cultivar testing has proven to be an efficient and valuable methodology for varietal improvement and targeted dissemination. Trial sites in particular, maintained by CG-centers, advanced research institutes and/or NARS, have been key elements for improvement programs addressing issues such as drought tolerance, heat stress, pasture and livestock management, soil, water and forest management, and fisheries.


Much of the information on trial sites is not publically available, and indeed large volumes of historic trials data are likely lost due to poor data management. Gaps remain and there is an urgent need to design and test new institutional arrangements, and to improve the dissemination performance of the system.


This ambitious CCAFS initiative started in 2010, aims to develop an agricultural technology evaluation database for climate change analysis. Its ultimate aims are: to facilitate the subsequent analysis on the performance of agricultural technologies under a changing climate and to form the basis for improving models of agricultural production under current and future conditions, and for evaluating the efficacy of trialed materials for adaptation.

Achievements so far

Design of an alpha version of a friendly web application to compile and store information on the performance of agricultural technology Collection, organization and upload of raw data and their associated metadata from more than 800 trials carried out in the last three decades; covering: More than 20 countries across Africa, South Asia and Latin America 16 crops and 7 livestock species.

Other related ongoing activities

Development of a generic methodology for G x E analysis to understand varietal response through genotype by environment. Method fully coded, documented and integrated into R-package. Application of the method to one case study, using the gathered data. Collaboration with crop modeling initiatives Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project(AgMIP) and Global Futures, including modeled trials. Development of a community of data analysts looking at varietal response for a whole range of crops. Exploring collaboration with selected groups of on-going programs and initiatives.

How to cite us?

CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change and Agricultural Food Security (CCAFS). 2013. AgTrials: Global Agricultural Trial Repository and Database. Available from Cali, Colombia.